E-Liquid 101: PG and VG Ratios

December 1, 2017


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There are three common ratios for PG and VG in e-juices. These are 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30. PG stands for Propylene Glycol and it is what supplies the fulfilling “throat hit” in e-juices. VG is vegetable glycerin and it is more viscous than PG. It’s used in order to thicken water vapor.

There are one hundred percent VG formulas, as more and more consumers are asking for them, because VG is a natural ingredient which is made from vegetable oil. However, most people prefer a little or a lot of PG in their ratios for e-juices. These consumers want throat hit and PG provides it.

Those who want ultimate throat hit may consider trying one hundred percent PG formulas. Naturally, the higher the ratio of PG in an e-liquid blend, the more prominent the throat hit of that e-juice is likely to be.

As you can see, there are tons of choices. While most people buy based on their personal preferences, and a lot of others don’t really consider PG vs VG ratios when they are shopping for e-liquids online, some e-cig manufacturers do recommend particular ratios. To see if your e-cig works best with a certain ratio, check out the Owner’s Manual.

It makes sense that blends of PG and VG are used in so many e-juices, as the combination of both of them ensures great throat hit and thick, rich water vapor production. If you’re new to vaping, going for a fifty-fifty ratio will be smart. You’ll see what perfect balance between PG and VG produces. If you want to experiment later on, change the ratio the next time that you’re shopping for e-liquids via the Web.

If you going to start making your own e-juice you’ll need to know this stuff, or you can buy diy ejuice kits like the ones found here.

PG Formulas Last Longer

Formulas which are made from PG only will usually have a longer shelf life, as PG is a moisturizing ingredient. Its storage time is longer and this may be a good thing for you. VG e-juices have a better resistance to high temperatures than those which are made from PG.

When you utilize a VG-based fluid, you’ll need higher power. High power isn’t recommended for VG-based formulas, as it often causes a burnt taste which is unappealing.

Shop for the Right Ratio Today

Now that you know some important facts about PG and VG, why not shop for your preferred formula today? Tons of reputable online retailers offer a host of different ratios from the world’s best e-juice manufacturers.

Quit Smoking By Vaping

December 1, 2017

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Vaping is the act of using an electronic cigarette. An e-cig may also be called a vaporizer. Those who vape simulate a tobacco smoking experience without the smoke and tar! For example, vaping fans may add e-juices to their electronic cigarettes which taste like classic tobacco and contain their preferred levels of nicotine.

When they draw on the e-cigs, they’ll produce thick and rich water vapor. As they inhale, they’ll get potent “throat hit” which is a lot like the sensation of inhaling a real cigarette. Everyone who vapes isn’t a smoker or former smoker. Some people do it just for fun, even when they’ve never smoked real cigarettes. Others use vaporizers when it’s not appropriate to smoke tobacco, or in order to stop smoking tobacco.

There are tons of interesting, high-quality e-cigs on the market these days. Some are designed for usage with e-juices, which are also known as e-liquids. Others are designed to work with oils, waxes or dried plant matter. It’s possible to access versatile e-cigs which work with a variety of material. Basically, there’s a vaporizer out there for everybody!

Do You Want to Try Vaping?

If you want to try vaping, a starter kit will be your best bet. Most impressive e-cig manufacturers offer these starter kits via their official websites and you’ll also find them where e-cigs and accessories are sold. There are plenty of websites which specialize in offering e-cig products to consumers.

Here are some things to think about before you order what you need online…

First off, the website that you order from should be very reputable. Look up customers reviews to make sure that it’s legit. Also, when you’re visiting reputable online retailers, looking at starter kits, consider the reputations of the brands that manufacture them. A starter kit from a vaporizer manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation is much more likely to be a smart buy than a starter kit from a company which is basically unknown.

So, checking out reviews for online retailers and starter kit manufacturers will be wise. Take it one step further by looking at customer reviews for specific starter kits which interest you.

What to Look For

A typical starter kit will include a couple of batteries, which are tubular, as well as a cartomizer (atomizer), a USB charger and a wall adapter charger. Some kits include e-juices and some don’t. Also, you may not get two chargers in every starter kit. Shop around and find a kit with the right features.

Cloud Chasing, What is It?

December 1, 2017

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Aside from your cloud chasing technique and your cloud chasing build, it’s important that you take the time to look into the e-liquid that you use. It really doesn’t matter how well you’re able to puff clouds or how expensive your cloud chasing build is if you’re using the wrong e-liquid. Find out how to choose the right e-liquid to improve your cloud chasing skills and get a better chance at winning those events.

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid

  1. Understand the Blend – When you ask around about e-liquids, you’re bound to hear two distinct terms. The first is propylene glycol and the second is vegetable glycerine. PG is incorporated into many e-liquids because of the distinct cigarette-like feeling it gives particularly in the throat area. This is ideal for people who give up smoking for the much healthier vaping alternative, but still want the same sensation that cigarette smoking gives. The second, VG, is incorporated into e-liquids because of its ability to produce thick clouds of smoke. Now, if you’re looking for an e-liquid for cloud chasing, make sure you select one that has more VG than PG to improve the thickness and density of your clouds. More about whats in vape juice can be found here

  2. Choose the Right Brand – As with any other product on the market, branding plays an important role in the quality of e-liquids. There are some brands that offer much better results and then there are those that fall short of expectations. Before you buy your vaping liquid for cloud chasing, see to it that you read up on the different brands and their advantages. If you have the luxury of time and budget, try to purchase different brands and types of e-liquid and try out each one before you make your final choice. Also choose the right vape. If you are unsure on which vapes to use, you may want to check out some portable vaporizer reviews sites.

  3. Match it With Your Cloud Chasing Build – Just as the gas you put in your car’s engine could affect your auto’s performance so can the type of e-juice you choose change the way you chase clouds. There are some e-juices that are too thick, too thin, or just plain incompatible with some cloud chasing builds so you best make sure to match your build with your juice before you make a purchase. There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to matching your build with your liquid, but the general rule is that you should change the wattage depending on the juice you’re using.